The road goes ever on ...

Juliette ~ Archaeologist, traveler and musician from a multicultural family. 26, from France. Back from a few months of work and travel in Canada.

Banff National park, Alberta, Canada
September 2014

Pictures taken in the Manitoba and Saskatchewan provinces, while crossing Canada from East to West.
=> Portage-la-Prairie, Whitewood, Indian Head.

September 2014.

Pictures taken when I crossed Ontario last month, while going from Québec to Alberta by bus.
=> White River, Schreiber and Lake Superior.

August - September 2014

Photos of Nature winning the battle against Civilization

=> Found HERE

The lake pacifies, the mountain makes strong, the sun illuminates …
“Our ancestors believed that music had the power to harmonize one’s soul in ways that [traditional] medicine could not. In ancient China, one of the earliest uses of music was healing. The Chinese character for medicine actually comes from the character for music.” —  Gao Yuan (Shen Yun’s composer)Read the whole interview HERE.
Horseback riding in the Canadian Rockies !Banff national park, September 2014
"But there are so few with whom I can share the things that mean so much to me that I have learned to contain myself.  It is enough that I am surrounded with beauty …” - Everett Ruess -Photo taken in Revelstoke, BC, CanadaSeptember 2014

“I’m leaving Québec tomorrow !
3 days of road to Alberta and the Rocky Mountains, I’ll go exploring and hiking for a few days there and the trip will end on Vancouver Island.
Wishing you all a good summer end ! ;)”

Huld manuscript, Iceland, 1860 - Vegvísir and other magical symbols

Forest spirit by Ginger Kelly studio (Lauren Kelly Small)
Quote from the upcoming movie WILD

Alexandra Crockett, Metal Cats (2014)

I think it’s my best squirrel picture from Canada. :)- Rivière Saint-Charles, Québec, August 2014 -